The echo in the house of mirrors (Vol. II)

All in all, in The Echo in The House of Mirrors, Alex Amalia Călin reveals herself with complete sincerity. She has patiently built for herself, a destiny along with a strong will as her first dowry.”

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“The book that Alex Amalia Călin entrusts to us is an autobiographical novel, which makes use in a sequential manner of her memories as the energy for her peace of mind, bringing to light the breath of an epic and a dense family chronicle depicted in a non-cosmetic attempt. It was written out of her irrepressible need of breaking free. The author surrenders to us unconditionally, trying to touch the mystery of the world and reliving, through memories, all the trials that life put her through. She suffered from frail health, uprooting, and taking care of her wounds. This she endured on her journey to the shore of light (the United States). Her literary writings have become a guide in her life… Her spiritual experiments (her clinical death experiences) succeeded in saving her…

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Alex Amalia Călin

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